Survey Express Services

Continued servicing, calibration and inspection of your equipment is vital to ensure that they maintain optimum performance, whilst with all safety equipment a legal requirement ensures they are checked twice a year.

Survey Express Services operate specialist servicing centres in all regional offices. Based within each centre are dedicated technicians to carry out all servicing work to manufacturers specifications and traceable to national standards.

Our servicing technicians are factory trained and complete continuous professional training programmes to ensure we continue to meet the highest standards. We are regularly audited to ensure the high standards are maintained and the latest products patches / faults are well understood.

Detailed records for all calibrations, servicing and repairs are held centrally through our service management software. This ensures that our technicians have detail records of work undertaken and have access to calibration records.

Our computerised 'Service Notification System' will notifie you of any future recalibrations and service requirements.

All work is guaranteed and supplied with a 12 month Calibration Certificate.